In the first step all technical specifications and documents and all the material on a magnetic support like CD/Usb pen drives are taken over

In the second step we process the data coming from magnetic supports, we print drawings, we develop measures and identify types of materials to be used.

In the third step, after a careful and accurate selection of materials,  we prepare offers to be presented to customers for a further discussion.

In the fourth step, which is the most delicate, we create the contact with the customer to discuss the budget and the eventual following order to start the project.

In the fifth step, once acquired the order, we proceed with the drafting of the actual contract while carefully taking account of every single aspect, both in the client and the company behalf

In the sixth step we proceed with the ordering of the materials and the ordering to the workshop that transforms the designs in material for the job site, carrying out the different phases of cutting, edging, finishing of different pieces in different materials. 

In the seventh step, we supply the construction site and deliver by our own vehicles the worked material as well as the purely insulating material according to the required characteristics.

In the eighth step, we proceed with the laying down of what has been delivered in the building site using a state of the art equipment.

In the ninth step, after the installation, we accurately monitor what has been made with a meticulous test of insulating materials and a supervision for a satisfactory performance.

Our Process

Why choose Colombo Isolamenti…


You will be welcomed by a professional staff that, throughout the years, has managed to put together an artisan preparation, made of punctuality and extreme care in the manufacturing, with the efficiency and quality guaranteed by the most advanced and sophisticated technologies. nologie.


Colombo Srl has now reached considerable levels of quality also thanks to the deep care with which materials used in specific processes are selected and associated


In agreement with the manufacturers, our commitment is to find the right solutions to the problems that more and more demanding customers submit us trying to achieve the best possible results and certifying, according to current standards, all the used materials.

Our numbers

690.000 linear meters of rubber hoses
125.000 sqaured meters of rubber ducts
67.000 squared meters of insulation with aluminum finish
42.000 squared meters of insulated aluminum ducts

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